3D Printed Anatomy Series

Human Anatomy Reproductions with an extra dimension

Changing the future of medical education

Australian scientists from Monash University have 3D printed realistic body parts to allow doctors in training to learn about the human body and anatomy without the use of real cadavers, in medical schools, but also in countries where cadavers are prohibited for cultrual or religious reasons.

The ground-breaking Monash 3D Printed Anatomy Series represents a unique and unrivalled collection of colour-augmented human anatomy 3D prints designed specifically for enhanced teaching and learning. This premium collection of highly accurate normal human anatomy models has been generated directly from either radiographic data or actual cadaveric specimens using advanced imaging techniques and state-of-the-art 3D printing technology.  The Monash 3D Printed Anatomy Series provides a cost effective means to meet your specific educational and demonstration needs in a range of curricula from medicine, allied health sciences and biological sciences.

Important Advantages of the Human Anatomy Reproductions:

  • anatomically accurante and identical to real specimen
  • no ethical issues – not real human body parts
  • reasonably prices
  • available within a short time period
  • reproductible, several identical prints can be used as a classroom set

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