Thoracic cross section at T6

Order number: MP1120


This model is a cross-section of the thorax at the level of the T6 vertebra. Beginning posteromedially at the spinal cord within the vertebral canal, then moving radially, the costovertebral joints of the 6th ribs are visible, followed by several other ribs around the margin of the thoracic cavity, a pair of which unite anteriorly with the sternum via the costosternal joints. Additionally, the oesophagus and descending aorta are visible anterior and lateral to the T6 vertebral body, respectively.
Inside the plural space, lined by the parietal pleura, reside the inferior and middle lobes of the right lung and the inferior lobe of the left lung.
In the middle mediastinum the heart, within the pericardium, is transacted to reveal the left atrium posteriorly, then moving clockwise, the aortic valve, right ventricle and the right atrium.